Cambridge Acorn Project (CAP) is looking to develop a volunteer programme. 


We will be offering a substantial recruitment and training pathway for all our volunteers in the these following areas:

Environmental Enrichment:


At CAP we believe, strongly, in enrichment activities which promote/supplement the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children, young people and their families. 


We would like to develop a group of volunteer who can facilitate various types of activities for children and young people, such as - 


  • Photography / Birdwatching / Gardening 
  • Music / Drama / Dance
  • Art / Drawing / Painting / Craft / Knitting/ Weaving
  • Engineering - "taking something apart and putting it back together again"
  • Sports/ walking group
  • Lego club
  • A playground club
  • Play Board game/ Table top games
  • Support children during tests/exams


We envision these activities taking place in school or community centres for a set amount of time, with groups of people who we refer. 


The idea behind this project is to recruit volunteers with novel and enriched experiences and a willingness to share with others. 


Full training and supervision will be given for all our volunteers. Addressing areas from how to manage a group, the research behind the effectiveness of this kind or work and basic skills required for working with vulnerable people. 


We are interested in hearing from anyone who feels that they might have a club, or an activity idea to offer to children, young people or parents. Please complete the application below and we will be in touch. 



We are living in an incredible County, full of incredible people who will have a lot to offer the children and young people based on the above (and other) ideas and we look forward to hearing from you soon...

EE - Description and Training Programme
Environmental Enrichment - Description a[...]
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In addition to this, we are looking to develop a fundraising group of volunteers. If you are someone who is passionate about developing events or activities, which would lend themselves to raising funds to help support some of the vulnerable families we work with, please get in touch.  


For further information about the model we are looking to develop, and its links to tackling inequality, please see the Fragments of Trauma section of our website (new and under development).



Inner-Me --- Outer-Me:


We are also looking to recruit volunteers to undertake some work in schools around another core theme children and young people have consistently identified as important to them and their mental health, namely feeling understood by the adults around them and the reasons why they might respond and react as they do to the events which occur around them. 


This work covers four particular areas, though there is room for development of others. These areas are:


* The Inner-Me --- Outer-Me Intervention. A brief therapeutic intervention to increase empathy and understanding on behalf of a child or young person who may be struggling for various reasons.


* Wellbeing PHSE Basics. Delivering a few sessions, within the PHSE curriculum in schools, on some core themes with a particular focus on the emotions, discussing strategies and exploring principles of enrichment and attachments. 


* SATS. Delivering sessions in SATS week supporting children and offering a playful and creative space following the exams to help them to cope with the stresses involved and provide a positive outlet.


* 'Happy Minds Plans' - this involves delivering a session, or a lesson, across a whole primary school (from Reception to Year 6) on what mental health means and eliciting the voices of the children about what they think can help to build, and sustain, a 'happy mind'.






IM - - - OM Description and Training Programme
Inner Me - - - Outer Me - Description an[...]
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Equality Work with Children and Families:


So many of the families we work with require practical support and skills. We are looking specifically for volunteers who can work alongside families to reduce stress in their lives through a variety of interventions, including (this list is not exhaustive):


* Grant applications

* Form filling

* Benefit searches

* Writing letters

* Liaison with other agencies, including supporting with appointments

* Advocacy

* Attending PIP tribunals to support clients


We will provide full training and ongoing supervision for all our volunteers. 


Please complete the volunteer application form below for further information. 

Family Equality Work - Initial Description and Training Programme
Structural Work - Description and Traini[...]
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Volunteer Application Form
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