After 5 years of listening directly to the voices of children and families about the things which impact negatively on their lives. 
AND watching the COVID-19 pandemic unfold around us, with all its devastating consequences. 
We are now looking to recruit an army of volunteers to help us build a package to tackle children’s mental health and the inequalities they face, in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. 
We believe in constructing an enriching environment for ALL children in which they can grow, explore, develop and flourish. 
However we need considerable HELP to do this! 
We are looking to recruit volunteers to help us work with children and families to tackle what we refer to as the ‘Fragments of Trauma’ which splinter from traumatic, or ‘inequality’, events.

The details are below regarding the three areas we are looking to recruit to. You can also visit the equality incubator section of our website to learn more about our Fragments of Trauma and how we are looking to develop work and projects framed around inequality. 




At CAP we believe, strongly, in enrichment activities which promote and nourish the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children, young people and their families. 


We would like to recruit and develop a group of volunteers who can facilitate various types of activities for children and young people, such as - 


  • Photography / Birdwatching / Gardening 
  • Music / Drama / Dance
  • Art / Drawing / Painting / Craft / Knitting/ Weaving
  • Engineering - "taking something apart and putting it back together again"
  • Sports/ walking group
  • Lego club
  • A playground club/Board game club/ Table top games
  • Support children to relieve stress and anxiety during tests/exams


We envision these activities taking place primarily in schools with children identified by schools and parents/carers as benefitting from this additional enrichment support, though there may also be opportunities to work in community settings with parents/carers as well.

Enrichment Volunteer - Person Specificat[...]
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Inequality is a word we often hear but rarely see, yet many children and young people face endemic inequalities in their lives through no fault of their own, or their family, due to a variety of factors including poverty, discrimination, stigma, labelling and judgmental attitudes.

Cambridge Acorn Project is, therefore, looking to develop an innovative volunteer role which combines elements of therapeutic work (active listening, non-judgmental attitudes, empathic care and concern) with advocacy (a commitment to tackling inequality through street-level tasks such as making grant applications and supporting with phone calls and attending appointments). It is very much a doing approach and is a role which should appeal to potential volunteers interested in gaining an understanding of what real-world, living, inequality is and feels like. And, most importantly, what can be done to combat it. As with our other roles, full training and support will be given.



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Although education in the United Kingdom is nominally free until University stage, in reality children's educational outcomes are beset by a wide variety of inequalities, many of which lie completely invisible to the naked eye. Schools also face huge funding challenges, and an absence of resources in the system, in terms of getting full assessments and interventions in place for children and young people who need these to attain more equal outcomes. All of this has a huge impact on children's mental health.


Cambridge Acorn Project is aiming to combat children's inequality in education by recruiting volunteers to support in a potentially wide variety of areas. We are looking to hear from people who may be able to help in regards to children's:


* Literacy - handwriting, reading, spelling and comprehension (for example).

* Maths 

* Self-esteem in the classroom 

* Understanding a child in the classroom and the things which they find difficult, or upsetting.


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