Volunteering (New)

It is October 2019, and five years after beginning, we feel that we are now finally in a place to be able to offer a supportive and planned volunteering programme. 


Please check back at the end of October 2019 when we hope all of this information will be complete and live on the website, but our aim is to offer training and supervision in the four core areas identified below. The training for each area is likely to last 4-5 weeks and run for 2-3 hours each week. There will then be ongoing supervision. Professionals from other agencies are welcome to attend this training, however there will be a charge for non CAP volunteers.


Volunteer Recruitment and Training will focus on the following 4 areas:


* Basic therapeutic skills and the 'empathy-me' project (supporting children and young people in school who may need some additonal support and whose relationship with the school may be at risk of breaking down).

* Environmental Enrichment - enriching the lives of local children and young people through awareness raising and project work.

* Structural support for families - supporting families around key issues which may be affecting them, including benefits, welfare, tribunals, grant applications and signposting.

* Equality drop-in. A new piece of work focusing, broadly, on inequality issues affecting families and how to resolve them.


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