Trauma-Informed Classrooms: A collaborative approach to managing distress in the classroom. 


Tetris Protocol for Schools: Utilising our Tetris protocol for managing trauma and emotional distress within classrooms and school settings.


Attachment Theory in the Classroom: How can we apply our gold-standard theory of child development, attachment theory, to the classroom.

Wider Training

We offer training in the following areas, at very competitive prices:




Trauma and Attachment




Therapeutic Model of Social Casework


The Impact of Poverty and Inequality on Children and Families


Experiential Days (for practice development and team-building)


We offer both full-day and half-day training and are also able to offer bespoke training around these themes to fit with the needs of your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.


A price list is available at the bottom of this page, together with a training brochure.

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