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We currently have no vacancies. Thank you for your interest in working with us - please check back in with the website as we will hopefully be recruiting again towards the end of 2019, or at the beginning of 2020.

There are four other ways you can get involved with the Cambridge Acorn Project:



VOLUNTEERS: We are always looking for volunteers to take our work forward. 



Volunteer Opportunities:


We currently have a range of volunteer opportunities. Details can be found here:


Service Delivery and Development: 


See below. If you have an idea which you would like help to develop, if it fits with our core mission, please contact us and we will try to arrange to speak to you about your idea and see if we can help you to develop it.


SERVICES: This is our core mission. We are committed to developing new services which address evidenced need around issues of emotional well-being and social justice. If - either as the member of a community, or a social caseworker, living, or working, in Cambridgeshire, you have an idea for a new service, we would love to hear from you. Before doing so, please have a read through of our mission statement, and our organisational values, to see if you think we'll be a good fit for your idea. If you think we could work together, then please contact us to discuss your idea further. Please note that we are not a funding body, but, if we feel that we can work together, we will try to support your idea to get off the ground. Naturally, we don't charge for this - if you're reading this then you probably have the same ideas about social justice, emotional well-being and equality that we do. Further, we equally don't lay any claim to your idea whatsoever and our relationship will only last as long as you need it to. If you feel that your project/service needs an identity of its own, then we will say our goodbyes. We just want to help build a world which is more just and more equal, and where more people have access to the services which they need. This is why we are a community interest company, and this is why we have committed to these values in our constitution. We look forward to hearing from you.


DONORS: We won't lie, we are always interested in talking to people who are looking to fund new services. However, if you've read any of the above, you'll have seen that our values will have to match. We are not interested in taking money from anyone, and sacrificing our principles to do so, but we are committed to developing new services and to prioritising front-line work, so you will know that your money is being well spent. In return we can offer you a unique opportunity, to donate your money to a project you believe in and focused where you want. Not only will we offer accountability for where your money is being spent, we will be able to offer you a role in the evaluation of the project you have funded so you can contribute to our learning and that of other donors - our commitment to radical concern extends to everyone. However, as with anyone interested in working with us, please carefully read our mission statement and our fundamental values, as we will both have to carefully evaluate whether or not we are a good match - we may not be the right organisation for you, and vice-versa. If you have an idea for a service, which you would like to fund, but you are unsure how to get off the ground, please contact us. As above, we will never charge for this and if we can match your idea to an existing service, or to an innovative project we've been presented with, we will. If we cannot, we'll tell you and try to point you in another direction. What we can promise is that we will only take, or look for, funding which matches our values - we cannot be fairer, or more accountable, than that.

NEW: Anyone interested in working, or volunteering, with us can submit an expression of interest form, found below.

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