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Cambridge Acorn Project is a registered charity (Charity Number 1175019). We registered with the Charity Commission in October 2017 after converting from being a Community Interest Company. We remain a company under English law (Company Number: 9187469), and we are recognised for tax purposes as a Charitable Company by HMRC. 


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Our Board of Trustees:

Pippa Ecclestone (Chair of Trustees)


I have a wide-ranging background, including education, health, public justice and mental health. I have a particular passion for mental health and for services offered under the umbrella of mental health. I gained my SRN in 1968 and my BEd (primary) in 1990. I served as a Justice of the Peace from 1989-2007. I have been a Public Governor of an NHS Mental Health Trust since 2009 and I sit on panels hearing appeals for applications under section 8 of the Mental Health Act. 

Katie Edge


My background is mainly in advice, advocacy and support of vulnerable refugees and migrants, both children and adults. I have worked as a caseworker, supporting and representing people through the legal immigration process and I have also co-ordinated and taught English classes to those newly arrived in the UK.  The latter also included providing an advice and support service to those attending classes, whereby I offered help with wide-ranging issues such as job/college applications, dealing with housing issues or offering extra support for young people finding it hard to settle in school. Since becoming a parent myself I have also become more acutely aware of the lack of support available for parents experiencing stress, in whatever form and I feel very strongly about supporting parents through stressful or traumatic times and ensuring they are and their children are still able to develop that crucial strong attachment.

Fiona Nolan


I am a primary school teacher who has gained a range of experiences working with children and families living with socio-economic challenges. I graduated from the Institute of Education in 2006 and completed a number of teaching placements in East London. I also completed a postgraduate certificate of research at Cambridge, specialising in support for children with special educational needs.

I genuinely want to make a difference for the children and families in my care and I have witnessed firsthand the huge impact The Cambridge Acorn Project has for those families living with trauma.
Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked in the public sector for a medical charity in London.
Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I now call Cambridge ‘home’.

Hannah Ware


I am currently undertaking my PhD at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. I am researching the self-concept and belonging of children identified as having special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) learning in schools in England. I supervise undergraduate education students at the University of Cambridge and have taught on the Post Graduate Certificate in Education and undergraduate education courses.   I have undertaken research consultancy work on inclusive education for a variety of organisations including Qatar Foundation and LKMco. I am also Head of Drama at Bedazzle Projects, a theatre arts company in Cambridge specialising in working with people with SEND to access the arts.  I have a Master of Education in Special Education, from the University of Birmingham. Previously, I have worked in the disability and education sector in England, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Casework Staff and Volunteers

Matt Edge (COO and Therapeutic Practitioner)


Along with Katie, Pippa and Mark Dalton, I was involved in setting up the Cambridge Acorn Project in 2014 and it has been amazing to watch the organisation grow to the point it has got to today, now employing 6 members of staff and with a number of other practitioners in our sessional pool.


I am an HCPC registered social worker and I have been doing social work for almost 12 years now and I qualified as a social worker in 2010. I have a particular passion for therapeutic work with children and I have had additional training in this area, including in EMDR, VIG and a number of other therapeutic modalities. I also have a passion for social justice and I have published three books on this subject, most recently Political Philosophy, Empathy and Political Justice with Routledge (2016). I am particularly interested in, and actively researching, the link between front-line casework and egalitarian justice and this is a perspective which increasingly informs the work of the Cambridge Acorn Project and we are hoping to secure funding in 2020 to expand our work and make deeper links between therapeutic work and more holistic, egalitarian, methods. I am always happy to talk about our work and can be contacted at matt@cambridgeacornproject.org.uk.

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