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Cambridge Acorn Project is a registered charity (Charity Number 1175019). We registered with the Charity Commission in October 2017 after converting from being a Community Interest Company. We remain a company under English law (Company Number: 9187469), and we are recognised for tax purposes as a Charitable Company by HMRC. 


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Pippa Ecclestone (Chair of Trustees)


I have a wide-ranging background, including education, health, public justice and mental health. I have a particular passion for mental health and for services offered under the umbrella of mental health. I gained my SRN in 1968 and my BEd (primary) in 1990. I served as a Justice of the Peace from 1989-2007. I have been a Public Governor of an NHS Mental Health Trust since 2009 and I sit on panels hearing appeals for applications under section 8 of the Mental Health Act. 

Katie Edge


My background is mainly in advice, advocacy and support of vulnerable refugees and migrants, both children and adults. I have worked as a caseworker, supporting and representing people through the legal immigration process and I have also co-ordinated and taught English classes to those newly arrived in the UK.  The latter also included providing an advice and support service to those attending classes, whereby I offered help with wide-ranging issues such as job/college applications, dealing with housing issues or offering extra support for young people finding it hard to settle in school. Since becoming a parent myself I have also become more acutely aware of the lack of support available for parents experiencing stress, in whatever form and I feel very strongly about supporting parents through stressful or traumatic times and ensuring they are and their children are still able to develop that crucial strong attachment.

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